REPOST: West Nile Spraying Tonight!

A repost from South Slope News (and thank goodness they found out since the City seems to not care about letting its residents know as we know from previous year’s spraying) about the spraying for West Nile Virus tonight, Tuesday, 9/16 from 8pm–6am (nice window DOH!).

Anyone else hear about this today? Nothing on Notify NYC e-mails to us.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 7.31.28 PM

More info from their post:

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Design your GWH ‘nabe flag and win!

The folks at Uncommon Goods reached out to us with a fab contest they are running this summer the “Brooklyn Flag Project” with our fav e-newsletter/blog Brooklyn Based. And with SwissMiss and Brooklyn’s-own Marty Markowitz as judges, it ought to be fun! We may even enter on for Greenwood Heights. Who’s gonna enter?


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Raw sewage smell in GWH?

There has been a buzz on several of the local newsgroups about a very strong smell of  raw sewage in the area.  We just received an alert form that stated:

Notification issued on 7/19/14 at 11:18 AM. The United States Coast Guard reports that a ship in Arthur Kill off the coast of Staten Island is offloading various fuel products. As a result, there may be an odor in Staten Island and Brooklyn. Please report natural gas emergencies to 9-1-1.

Hopefully that is the cause and we hope the smell dissipates soon. We assume others have smelled this awful odor?

Bad Accident on 21st St and 6th Ave

photo 1

Just in from a CCGH member, a really bad accident at 21st Street and 6th Ave across from Tobby’s. Seems one car actually flipped over. He did not think anyone was fatally injured, but FDYN and NYPD were on the case asap. This is a huge problem on 6th Ave between 20th And 23rd Sts, as drivers frequently speed go get to 24th St (not sure why). With poor site lines on the side blocks, this happens a lot, thought not to today’s extent.

We hope the passengers are OK. Checking with CB7 to see if we can get more info. Anyone else witness this bad accident?

More info from South Slope News…2 of the folks in the accident went to the hospital with “serious but not life threatening injuries.

8th Annual 23rd St. mega stoop sale 5/17

23rd St stoop sale sign 2014-REV_Page_1

8th Annual 23rd St. Mega Stoop sale
(23rd St. between 6th & 7th Aves.)

“Come one, come all to our block-long stoop sale.”
Saturday, May 17
11:00 a.m.
4:00 p.m.

Houses will have lots of stuff for sale at, of course, very reasonable prices! (or you can just haggle with everyone.)
Rain date: Sunday, May 18-same time

HAPPY Spring!

It’s been a while since we have regularly posted on the blog. Part due to “life,” also part to do with SNOW. Well no longer, almost 80 degrees today and happy Mother’s Day and happy spring GWH-ers. More spring posts coming soon, though we’d love to hear what folks think are issues (good or bad) withing the neighborhood, plus goings on, announcements, new photos, etc. You can submit them to the CCGH newsgroup or e-mail us.

Here’s a wee-bit of spring inspiration from within our biggest neighbor Green-Wood!


Winter Storm Alert

A big ol’ Happy New Year from the folks at CCGH! And for our first New Year’s post:

From our friends at the NYC Mayor’s office:

A citywide winter storm warning has been issued starting Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 6:00PM until 1:00PM on Friday, January 3, 2014.  The current forecast calls for 6-8 inches of snow accompanied by strong winds and low temperatures. The Office of Emergency Management has issued a travel advisory warning of icy conditions on roadways and sidewalks.  We are working together with our agency partners to prepare for the storm and will be closely monitoring and responding to local conditions as the storm progresses.

storm alert 010214

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REPOST: Is Greenwood Heights Turning Into A Hipster Haven?

The South Slope News blog added a very interesting post today about our ‘nabe…we thought worthy of further discussion. From the post:

According to a new list by website RealtyTrac, zip code 11232 (comprised of Greenwood Heights and Sunset Park) is one of the country’s top 25 hipster havens. Somehow, Williamsburg didn’t even make the list.

How is that possible, you ask?


That’s a great point. Just new neighbors (hipster or not) to 11232 AND 11215, ex-hipsters priced out of other trendy areas, ex-hipsters wanting to start families (observed by the surge of strollers this past spring/summer) or just a change in the demographic due to the inevitable gentrification of South Brooklyn? Continue reading