Winter Storm Alert

A big ol’ Happy New Year from the folks at CCGH! And for our first New Year’s post:

From our friends at the NYC Mayor’s office:

A citywide winter storm warning has been issued starting Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 6:00PM until 1:00PM on Friday, January 3, 2014.  The current forecast calls for 6-8 inches of snow accompanied by strong winds and low temperatures. The Office of Emergency Management has issued a travel advisory warning of icy conditions on roadways and sidewalks.  We are working together with our agency partners to prepare for the storm and will be closely monitoring and responding to local conditions as the storm progresses.

storm alert 010214

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REPOST: Is Greenwood Heights Turning Into A Hipster Haven?

The South Slope News blog added a very interesting post today about our ‘nabe…we thought worthy of further discussion. From the post:

According to a new list by website RealtyTrac, zip code 11232 (comprised of Greenwood Heights and Sunset Park) is one of the country’s top 25 hipster havens. Somehow, Williamsburg didn’t even make the list.

How is that possible, you ask?


That’s a great point. Just new neighbors (hipster or not) to 11232 AND 11215, ex-hipsters priced out of other trendy areas, ex-hipsters wanting to start families (observed by the surge of strollers this past spring/summer) or just a change in the demographic due to the inevitable gentrification of South Brooklyn? Continue reading

Open Studios – Columbus Day Weekend: Oct 12-14

Via artist and South Slope neighbor Tom Keough about this weekend’s  Park Slope Windsor Terrace Artists “Open Studios” weekend.  You can find more info about each artist (and see some of their work you’ll be seeing) on the group’s website. Additional info after the jump.

tom-keough-autumn-nightBy Tom Keough

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DSNY organics collection starts tonight/tomorrow in GWH

A quick reminder that the organics collection trial run starts tonight , for October 9 pick-up, in our area. The (cute) brown cans showed up last week and pick up for Greenwood Heights and parts of the South Slope begin tomorrow. For more info, click here. Is everyone ready? Are you participating?


REPOST: Guerrero Food Center is gone for good

South Slope News reported today that Guerrero Food Center (5th Avenue and 23rd Street) is gone for good and the space is up for rent by Rapid Realty for $5,833 per month. This seems a tad high for the neighborhood (we love you Greenwood Hts.!). South Slope News has a poll going on to see what folks think should go there. What do you think?

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Greenwood Heights on (origins of GWH’s name)

So, seems after a lot of good research by writer Keith Williams of The Weekly Nabe which showed up on ‘s new blog news post/column (?) under his by-line, we finally have some definitive answers as to the “right and the wrong” of our neighborhood’s (new/old) namesake “Greenwood Heights.” We (Aaron) had the pleasure of talking with Keith and reaffirming some of the knowledge we knew about the REAL name for the (debated) area and it’s origins. Which (turns out, duh!) is well founded.

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DSNY Organics Collection in GWH

While South Slope News already had a post on this, we thought we’d pass along the info and links we received from CM Gonzalez’s office yesterday. Seems we’re part of this year’s DSNY Organics Collection pilot program. Greenwood Hts. (or most of it) is on the Wednesday mornings (just like recycling) with a drop off point at 15th St. and 7th Ave. (which strikes us as an odd location) CORRECTION: No location on this flyer/letter. Check their website for updates.


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