4th Ave. (from 15th St-65th St.) safety improvement project starts 08/20

Starting August 20, 4th Avenue in South Park Slope, Greenwood Heights and Sunset Park, from 15th Street to 65th Street, NYC DOT will begin its safety improvement project.

NYCDOT is posting flyers along 4th Avenue in Sunset Park this week in English, Spanish, and Chinese describing the roadway changes that will begin implementation next week. The project will be implemented in two sections: 15th-39th St, and 39th-65th St. The northern section, 15th-39th St, begins the week of August 20th. There will also be VMS boards alerting drivers. You can see the original presentation PDF here.

For more 4th Ave project information, see: nyc.gov/4thave

  • Brian Wilson

    I believe this proposal is a very sensible remedy to what is effectively a highway through the neighborhood. I am pleased with the strides this mayoralty has made with regard to rebalancing public space away from the extreme skewing toward automobiles that has long prevailed. The streets are for all, not just cars, and it is encouraging that our street design is beginning to reflect this truth.