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MTA to close Prospect Ave stop for up to 12 months!

Well happy 2016!

From a repost of a longer article on Gothamist, the long and the short of it is the MTA will be closing 30 stations for repairs in the next few years. Not sure of any exact schedule, but the announcement was accompanied by the statement:

“re-envision” 30 subway stations by 2020. The MTA plans to make these stations “cleaner, brighter… easier to navigate, with better and more intuitive wayfinding, as well as a modernized look and feel.”

While there will be wifi upgrades and e-ticketing (like that makes up for the closure) what do folks think about the closing of a busy stop in the heart of two neighborhoods that are growing by leaps and bounds…Greenwood Hts. and South Park Slope? Folks are already calling for increased train service…

We’re skeptical and torn  on this as the station does need an upgrade, majorly (hell, the whole line does). But the loss of that station without increased train service is going to be a nightmare for commuters. Here’s the full map.


New development for 695-705 6th Avenue

First reported by the NYDN, Brownstoner and then South Slope News, looks like the corner of 21st Street and 6th Avenue, 695-705 6th Avenue, is up for some change. Seems the former yeshiva was recently sold to the development company RNS Holdings for $9.9M.

So, redevelopment of an underutilized site (and former glass factory), good! Overdevelopment of the neighborhood, not so good…though no where near as bad pre-2006 rezoning (TBD due to Mayor’s and CPC’s newest plans, but that’s for another post). Development by a controversial developer (who has been banned from selling condos in NYC for the past 16 months, VERY BAD!

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Mayor’s Proposed Zoning Plans: Will they set us back 10 years?

The City has recently released “Housing New York: Zoning For Quality and Affordability.” While at face value it plans some interesting solutions to senior housing and affordability, Andrew Bergman of the GVSHP has warned New Yorker’s of one of the perils of the plan: change in zoning laws that could change the downzoning we fought so hard for and were granted as part of the South Park Slope rezoning in 2006!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.34.50 PM

This plan identifies ways that the

Zoning Resolution can be updated to

better promote the creation of

affordable housing and foster diverse,

livable neighborhoods.

The proposed changes would

modernize the Zoning Resolution to

better promote housing affordability

and higher-quality buildings.

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Eagle Provisions for Sale

A belated post, since this broke before the holiday, but the beloved (or maligned, depending on who you ask) Eagle Provisions, a South Slope/Greenwood Heights mainstay since 1930 is giving up the ghost. And for mere $9MIL according to the Commercial Observer.

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REPOST: Manhole Fires Erupt On 21st Street

Greenwood Heights on (origins of GWH’s name)

So, seems after a lot of good research by writer Keith Williams of The Weekly Nabe which showed up on ‘s new blog news post/column (?) under his by-line, we finally have some definitive answers as to the “right and the wrong” of our neighborhood’s (new/old) namesake “Greenwood Heights.” We (Aaron) had the pleasure of talking with Keith and reaffirming some of the knowledge we knew about the REAL name for the (debated) area and it’s origins. Which (turns out, duh!) is well founded.

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Two-Alarm Fire On 18th Street

A repost from the South Slope News and the South Park Slope News Group list serv. Bad time on 18th St. today (and we could feel/smell the fire on 23rd St) with a serious house fire.

Via South Slope News

Here’s the latest from the list serv:

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Green-Wood Turns 175 today!

Green-Wood Cemetery was chartered by the State of New York on this date in 1838. The Greenwood Heights community should be thankful to be living so close to this National Historic Landmark and fantastic place to stroll, learn and relax (heck, all of Brooklyn should!). You can find out more info on their 175th on their website.

Green-Wood's Gothic Arch

Robbery and homicide on 18th St. and 5th Ave.

This popped up last night, 01/09/13 on the CCGH news group after many of us heard or witnessed police helicopter activity in the area. Unfortunately it was as a result of a robbery turned homicide. NY1 , DNAinfo and South Slope News have the story (not sure of other news outlets). UPDATED NEWS from Park Slope Patch.

Here’s the official police report from the 72nd Pct. via Community Board 7. Obviously if you saw something, contact the Pct. immediately at 718.965.6311:

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UPDATED: Green-Wood loses many trees!

UPDATE: This was just posted on Green-Wood’s historian Jeff Richman’s blog about about the damage at Green-Wood and what you can do to help them with clean up, replanting and restoration.

Well, it wasn’t pretty.

With 8,000 trees, Green-Wood was quite an attractive target for Hurricane Sandy. And Sandy, with her big winds, was not kind. In all, 150 of Green-Wood’s trees were destroyed. And, just days after the storm, we estimate that well in excess of 100 monuments were damaged–that toll may go higher as trees are removed and more damage is uncovered.

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