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New development for 695-705 6th Avenue

First reported by the NYDN, Brownstoner and then South Slope News, looks like the corner of 21st Street and 6th Avenue, 695-705 6th Avenue, is up for some change. Seems the former yeshiva was recently sold to the development company RNS Holdings for $9.9M.

So, redevelopment of an underutilized site (and former glass factory), good! Overdevelopment of the neighborhood, not so good…though no where near as bad pre-2006 rezoning (TBD due to Mayor’s and CPC’s newest plans, but that’s for another post). Development by a controversial developer (who has been banned from selling condos in NYC for the past 16 months, VERY BAD!

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REPOST: Green-Wood Cemetery Reveals Plans for Weir Greenhouse Makeover and Visitors Center

Our friends at Brownstoner broke the news of Green-Wood’s new rendering of the Weir Greenhouse redo. to LPC before we had a chance to post. Since they did such a great job, we’re reposting part of it here. They took a very unbiased point of view to what some folks in the community feel may not have been the best idea for the secondary Green-Wood offices and archives that wrap around the restored greenhouse. The restoration renderings look very nice. They can be found on LPC’s website. What do you think?

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New flea in the hood?

After seeing a post on South Slope News, we went to check out the new flea’s website and see what barnyard FLEA is all about.

So, will our neighborhood stoop sales get some tough competition from the 2500 sq. ft. space next to Mary’s Bar on 22nd St. and 5th Ave.? Bet not, just looks like another fun addition to the neighborhood!

Barnyard FLEA
We have always wondered what a good use for the space would be. Good use? Let us know.

REPOST: Finding A Safer Traffic Solution For 20th Street

Posted today on South Slope News, the take away from CB7’s and DOT’s presentation of additional plans to give relief to residents along the 20th Street truck route.

Discussions have been going on for years, an we’re not really sure any solutions will completely work (past or present). Ultimately some part of Greenwood Heights, Sunset Park and Windsor Terrace will be affected. Just feeling the best mix may not be there yet.

What do you think?

Here’s more from South Slope News:

“We don’t have any agenda except to make our street safer,” said 20th Street resident Miriam at a meeting on Tuesday night with the Department of Transportation, Community Board 7, and Community Board 14 — and it was a sentiment echoed by everyone in attendance.

With sleet falling outside, it was a fairly small turnout for the meeting at the Windsor Terrace Library, which is right around the midpoint of the areas the 20th Street Truck Route Area Study is looking at. Following a petition signed by more that 200 20th Street residents in 2010 citing property damage, congestion, and additional safety issues, the DOT launched the study to see if the truck route along that road might be altered to improve the situation.

“The issue on 20th Street is no so much that vehicles are being hit — it’s a safety issue for pedestrians,” said Miriam, her young son in tow. “For instance if you’re getting into your car, people’s doors have come off, people have been nudged into their cars. Because it’s a bit wild, people drive with a lot of bravado and crossing the street is quite difficult and scary.”

The study — which so far has involved analyzing land use and traffic and crash data, interviews with truck drivers on the street, arial surveys, and more — continues, and this meeting will be just one of more to come throughout the affected communities, because the issue is a fairly complicated one.

“We don’t have a solution yet that jumps out and says, ‘That’s the answer,’” said Stacey Hodge, director of the Office of Freight Mobility at the DOT. MORE>

Sprinkler system freezes and floods at 312 23rd St.

A tad late in reporting this from a post to the CCGH Facebook page and on Twitter. Thankfully no one was hurt, albeit very wet. Seems the sprinkler system froze in the bulkhead and a whole lotta water was let loose on the tenants. FNDY came and clean up has occurred. Tenants are not real thrilled after some posts on the 23rd St. Neighbor’s Assoc. newsgroup, since this happened a few year’s back. Anyone else in the neighborhood have any water issues during the cold snap?

REPOST: Hawaiian Holidays come to 22nd Street

Originally posted on South Slope News, our festive neighbors Chris and Ryan have done it again for another Holiday Light Spectacular! So mosey on down to 22nd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues for the show, which runs every 20 minutes starting tonight running through January 3.

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REPOST: West Nile Spraying Tonight!

A repost from South Slope News (and thank goodness they found out since the City seems to not care about letting its residents know as we know from previous year’s spraying) about the spraying for West Nile Virus tonight, Tuesday, 9/16 from 8pm–6am (nice window DOH!).

Anyone else hear about this today? Nothing on Notify NYC e-mails to us.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 7.31.28 PM

More info from their post:

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Eagle Provisions for Sale

A belated post, since this broke before the holiday, but the beloved (or maligned, depending on who you ask) Eagle Provisions, a South Slope/Greenwood Heights mainstay since 1930 is giving up the ghost. And for mere $9MIL according to the Commercial Observer.

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REPOST: Manhole Fires Erupt On 21st Street

REPOST: Is Greenwood Heights Turning Into A Hipster Haven?

The South Slope News blog added a very interesting post today about our ‘nabe…we thought worthy of further discussion. From the post:

According to a new list by website RealtyTrac, zip code 11232 (comprised of Greenwood Heights and Sunset Park) is one of the country’s top 25 hipster havens. Somehow, Williamsburg didn’t even make the list.

How is that possible, you ask?


That’s a great point. Just new neighbors (hipster or not) to 11232 AND 11215, ex-hipsters priced out of other trendy areas, ex-hipsters wanting to start families (observed by the surge of strollers this past spring/summer) or just a change in the demographic due to the inevitable gentrification of South Brooklyn? Continue reading