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New development for 695-705 6th Avenue

First reported by the NYDN, Brownstoner and then South Slope News, looks like the corner of 21st Street and 6th Avenue, 695-705 6th Avenue, is up for some change. Seems the former yeshiva was recently sold to the development company RNS Holdings for $9.9M.

So, redevelopment of an underutilized site (and former glass factory), good! Overdevelopment of the neighborhood, not so good…though no where near as bad pre-2006 rezoning (TBD due to Mayor’s and CPC’s newest plans, but that’s for another post). Development by a controversial developer (who has been banned from selling condos in NYC for the past 16 months, VERY BAD!

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Sprinkler system freezes and floods at 312 23rd St.

A tad late in reporting this from a post to the CCGH Facebook page and on Twitter. Thankfully no one was hurt, albeit very wet. Seems the sprinkler system froze in the bulkhead and a whole lotta water was let loose on the tenants. FNDY came and clean up has occurred. Tenants are not real thrilled after some posts on the 23rd St. Neighbor’s Assoc. newsgroup, since this happened a few year’s back. Anyone else in the neighborhood have any water issues during the cold snap?