New development for 695-705 6th Avenue

First reported by the NYDN, Brownstoner and then South Slope News, looks like the corner of 21st Street and 6th Avenue, 695-705 6th Avenue, is up for some change. Seems the former yeshiva was recently sold to the development company RNS Holdings for $9.9M.

So, redevelopment of an underutilized site (and former glass factory), good! Overdevelopment of the neighborhood, not so good…though no where near as bad pre-2006 rezoning (TBD due to Mayor’s and CPC’s newest plans, but that’s for another post). Development by a controversial developer (who has been banned from selling condos in NYC for the past 16 months, VERY BAD!


We certainly had our fair share of bad-boy developers ( their construction companies and  architects) in Greenwood Heights and South Park Slope, and we’re in no rush to have any new ones. From the NYDN article:

A developer who got slapped with a temporary ban from selling condos after fraud g relating to a Harlem condo project has bounced back into action, just four months after the ban expired.

The Sanjana real estate family, led by embattled developer Shiraz Sanjana, is planning to bring a multi-story condo project to a development site in the the low-rise South Slope section of Brooklyn, the Daily News has learned.

And Brownstoner:

Following a 16-month ban from selling condos after allegedly filing false paperwork for a condominium project in Harlem, developer Shiraz Sanjana, of the Sanjana real estate family, has purchased a corner property at 695-705 6th Avenue in Greenwood Heights for $9,900,000 from Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas, which currently owns a one-story school on the lot.

And South Slope News:

Earlier this year, the architect Karl Fischer — who designed an apartment building that’s coming to the corner of 4th and Prospect Avenues — filed plans for a 3-story, 32-unit building at this location, but it’s unclear if those plans will hold with the new owners.

We’d like to be optimistic, but history tells us to be wary. What do folks think?

More intel on this development as we learn more…

  • ccgh

    From the CCGH newsgroup today:

    Like I am surprised at all as we posted on the CCGH blog:

    Do while 695 6th Ave does have demo permits (the only approved permits), they must have a sidewalk shed up during demolition, which of course they do not. Workers on the roof today, unprotected pulling off the roof (Checking DOB for asbestos testing certificate).

    Please call 311 if you see the workers. Two complaints:

    Illegal demolition w/o sidewalk shed: my complaint # is C1-1-1144892351

    Hazardous and falling debris (due to no shed): my complaint # is C1-1-1144898511

    I’d appreciate if CB7 could follow up.

    Why does every developer start off this way?


    • Bluet Almeida Fasce

      Hi ! It’s October 9 And I live in the building on 6th right besides this site.
      More workers came today and this time pulling off a lot of the roof and not only is all the black resin material over there BUT yellow dust (asbestos ) is all over the roof in the areas where they are pulling off and not only is not the roof protected but also no one advised us so when this people leave today all that dust will be flowing straight to my apartment and my fellow neighbours.
      I called 311 my complaints : # C1-1-1162852931
      # C1-1-1162843341