REPOST: Green-Wood Cemetery Reveals Plans for Weir Greenhouse Makeover and Visitors Center

Our friends at Brownstoner broke the news of Green-Wood’s new rendering of the Weir Greenhouse redo. to LPC before we had a chance to post. Since they did such a great job, we’re reposting part of it here. They took a very unbiased point of view to what some folks in the community feel may not have been the best idea for the secondary Green-Wood offices and archives that wrap around the restored greenhouse. The restoration renderings look very nice. They can be found on LPC’s website. What do you think?

749-5th-avenue-rend-1-071315Here’s an excerpt from Brownstoner:

Big changes are in the works, including restoring the greenhouse. The cemetery also wants to demolish “ancillary structures” — including two 19th-century buildings that look like row houses adjacent to the greenhouse — add onto the greenhouse, and put up a new building that wraps around the greenhouse.

The Weir Greenhouse dates from 1880 and was designed by notable Brooklyn architect Mercein Thomas. However, it was greatly altered in 1895, and what you see now is that alteration, designed by George Curtis Gillespie.

For more than a century, it sold flowers to visitors and for funerals. It was once only one of many greenhouses in the area and part of a network of growers. You can read more about it in the 1982 Landmarks designation report.

The proposed new building that will go up behind the greenhouse is a brick structure that looks like a regular office building. It will house support offices such as accounting for the cemetery.

Read more on Brownstoner‘s post.

So what do folks think about the new plans?