REPOST: Guerrero Food Center is gone for good

South Slope News reported today that Guerrero Food Center (5th Avenue and 23rd Street) is gone for good and the space is up for rent by Rapid Realty for $5,833 per month. This seems a tad high for the neighborhood (we love you Greenwood Hts.!). South Slope News has a poll going on to see what folks think should go there. What do you think?

This was one of the first places we shopped coming into the neighborhood back in 2003. We’ll miss the eclectic mix of Mexican and South American fare. And where are we going to find pulque? now? What are you going to miss?

Photo: South Slope News

  • Siemprefour4

    No worries. It will be transformed into just what the neighborhood
    needs. Another bar/restaurant that caters to the hipster class. Adios
    Guerrero. You learned the hard way that those 311 complaints can run
    you out of town. Hipsters in consort with the real estate elite.