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Fine artists and photographers invite the general public to visit their studios over the November 8th & 9th  weekend,noon – 7 PM.   The two dozen participating studios are located within easy walking distance of each other.  Expect to see a wide range of art,including painting, photography and ceramics.  By going directly to an artist’s studio you can see a larger collection of the artists work and more variety than you would see at a gallery show. You can see what your Brooklyn neighbors have been creating and see how hard they have been working to bring you beautiful items. This is   experience, walking through the studios of several very different artists.

A great annual tour to allow neighbors to see what our artist neighbors have been working on in 2014.

This link below will show you art of the artists who are participating. It also links to our websites. Maps of all the artists can be obtained on line or at many shops in the area and at  the studio of any of the artists.

From the post:

Stop by and see the paintings and prints of my work [Tom Keogh]  at 303A 16th Street, Brooklyn between 6th and 7th Avenues.  For more information please call 718 768 6171. I paint landscapes of the neighborhood, often at night

These artists have long commitments to their work, studies and craft. Bob Hagan, at 202 17th Street, a computer wizard, often starts with photography then paints into the images with the newest methods of computer manipulation creating brilliant works of startling colors. Often multiple photos have been stitched together into a single image.  Overlaid layers may contain other images, creating a totally new collage and meaning.  A visit to his website is well worth it.


Children’s book illustrator Nancy Doniger ,shares her studio with Eric Jacobson, her husband, a sculptor,at 7 Windsor Place is near the corner of 7th Avenue. Nancy uses bright color sand simple, direct images.  Her books include plenty of silliness and fun!She can show kids how she works.Nancy will be signing copies of her books as well as displaying prints, holiday note cards and perhaps a t-shirt or two.Samples of Nancy Doniger’s work may be found at the following website:
We have 27 talented artists in the area.

7:30 – 9 Saturday Night at Roots Cafe, 639A Fifth Avenue, between 17th  & 18th St.s Benjamin Ferguson will be throwing a reception for his month long display of his wild paintings.