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Community groups don’t die, they just fade away…

We started the CCGH newsgroup back in 2006 when the neighborhood was going through huge changes due to over development, illegal construction and eminent gentrification.

As a community group and community, we did so great work towards the eventual contextual rezoning, fights at the BSA, protecting the view from Green-Wood’s Battle Hill and neighborhood improvement and growth.

Fast forward 11 years and we’re still here and the community continues to evolve, and while CCGH’s mission still applies to protecting the quality of life in our community, the newsgroup and website have been used less and less.

Next month we will be retiring this website at ccgreenwoodhts.com. I am happy to move our newsgroup’s and website’s full list to a Yahoo or Google group if folks would like to continue to use the community group as a umbrella for discussion about the neighborhood. We will keep the groups Facebook group and Titter account active for the foreseeable future.

Please let me know if would collectively move, otherwise I’ll be sending out a few more posts before we fade off into the sunset. Not literally, just on the web!

Thanks for the support over the years!

REPOST: Green-Wood Cemetery Reveals Plans for Weir Greenhouse Makeover and Visitors Center

Our friends at Brownstoner broke the news of Green-Wood’s new rendering of the Weir Greenhouse redo. to LPC before we had a chance to post. Since they did such a great job, we’re reposting part of it here. They took a very unbiased point of view to what some folks in the community feel may not have been the best idea for the secondary Green-Wood offices and archives that wrap around the restored greenhouse. The restoration renderings look very nice. They can be found on LPC’s website. What do you think?

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REPOST: West Nile Spraying Tonight!

A repost from South Slope News (and thank goodness they found out since the City seems to not care about letting its residents know as we know from previous year’s spraying) about the spraying for West Nile Virus tonight, Tuesday, 9/16 from 8pm–6am (nice window DOH!).

Anyone else hear about this today? Nothing on Notify NYC e-mails to us.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 7.31.28 PM

More info from their post:

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Green-Wood Turns 175 today!

Green-Wood Cemetery was chartered by the State of New York on this date in 1838. The Greenwood Heights community should be thankful to be living so close to this National Historic Landmark and fantastic place to stroll, learn and relax (heck, all of Brooklyn should!). You can find out more info on their 175th on their website.

Green-Wood's Gothic Arch

Recycle your Xmas trees at TreeCycle and MulchFest in our area

Post Xmas greetings. A quick note on where you can drop you tree once all the lights, ornaments and tinsel come down this year via the NYC Parks’ TreeCycle program. Two closest drop offs are at the Green-Wood Cemetery 5th Ave./25th St.) and Sunset Park (6th Ave./44th St.) from January 12 and 13, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (though you can drop off at Green-Wood all week long, to the inside left of their main entrance on 25th St./5th Ave. next to their mulch piles).

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Fall in Green-Wood (pre-Sandy)

We thought it would be nice to show some pre-Sandy shots of Green-Wood considering all the post-Sandy destruction to our biggest neighbor. If you have your own photos, please e-mail them to us or post them to the official Green-Wood flickr group. Follow the jump to see the slideshow from flickr.

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So long Sandy!

Seems most of the neighborhood went unscathed.

Flickering lights and a lot of debris, a few downed street trees, but other than a report the old White Eagle Tavern on 23rd St. and 5th Ave suffered damage (as much due to neglect that Sandy), seems Greenwood Heights is AOK. Can’t say the same of the perimeter of the cemetery, nor any of the Zone A sections of the City. We were lucky. If folks have photos to share, please post them here, on the Greenwood Heights flickr group or e-mail us. We’d love to hear some stories from the folks in the neighborhood and how you weathered the storms.

And stay safe with the clean up!

UPDATE: For those folks who thought there may have been a fire/arcing at the Greenwood Sub-Station at 23rd St and 5th Ave, it was most likely the. Con Ed gas turbine barges (about 8 turbines to a barge) on 27th Street below 3rd Avenue to the water.

Battle of Brooklyn Recap

For those in the community who made it to the event, we hope you enjoyed a beautiful day and a great commemoration at Green-Wood. This year was especially nest, as they had many more re-enactors than in years past, cavalry, cooking and sewing demonstrations, music…and of course, cannon! For those who did not make it, take a gander ant the slideshow below. Did you take photos? If so, please post a link!

Green-Wood vandalized: who would do this?

Just got this e-mail via Green-Wood’s historian’s blog, and we are VERY upset to say the least. Who in their right mind (and that may be the point) would inflict such senseless damage to such a historical place…let alone desecrate graves like this.

Ken Taylor, Green-Wood’s long-time vice president for operations, estimates that the damage is “well in excess of $100,000.”

Hopefully the police are working in tandem with Green-Wood’s staff to hopefully find whomever (and I’d have to think it’s several people) did this terrible damage.

If you are able, please make a donation to their Historic Fund that will go directly to the restoration of these beautiful monuments. And obviously if anyone hears anything about this crime, call the 72nd Pct. (718.965.6311)  immediately or Green-Wood (718.768.7300). And certainly post your thoughts here or on their blog. Just disgusting!

More updates when we have them. But do read the blog post!

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You tell’em Patrick Stewart!

OK, to have a bit of a laugh, and jump on the Patrick Stewart bandwagon, we saw this today after a brownstoner post (after a FIPS post) and had to share. The parkslopepatrickstewart.tumblr.com has become quite a hit and is worth a gander. Enjoy the tumblr and the lovely day.