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Community groups don’t die, they just fade away…

We started the CCGH newsgroup back in 2006 when the neighborhood was going through huge changes due to over development, illegal construction and eminent gentrification.

As a community group and community, we did so great work towards the eventual contextual rezoning, fights at the BSA, protecting the view from Green-Wood’s Battle Hill and neighborhood improvement and growth.

Fast forward 11 years and we’re still here and the community continues to evolve, and while CCGH’s mission still applies to protecting the quality of life in our community, the newsgroup and website have been used less and less.

Next month we will be retiring this website at ccgreenwoodhts.com. I am happy to move our newsgroup’s and website’s full list to a Yahoo or Google group if folks would like to continue to use the community group as a umbrella for discussion about the neighborhood. We will keep the groups Facebook group and Titter account active for the foreseeable future.

Please let me know if would collectively move, otherwise I’ll be sending out a few more posts before we fade off into the sunset. Not literally, just on the web!

Thanks for the support over the years!

REPOST: Is Greenwood Heights Turning Into A Hipster Haven?

The South Slope News blog added a very interesting post today about our ‘nabe…we thought worthy of further discussion. From the post:

According to a new list by website RealtyTrac, zip code 11232 (comprised of Greenwood Heights and Sunset Park) is one of the country’s top 25 hipster havens. Somehow, Williamsburg didn’t even make the list.

How is that possible, you ask?


That’s a great point. Just new neighbors (hipster or not) to 11232 AND 11215, ex-hipsters priced out of other trendy areas, ex-hipsters wanting to start families (observed by the surge of strollers this past spring/summer) or just a change in the demographic due to the inevitable gentrification of South Brooklyn? Continue reading

Open Studios – Columbus Day Weekend: Oct 12-14

Via artist and South Slope neighbor Tom Keough about this weekend’s  Park Slope Windsor Terrace Artists “Open Studios” weekend.  You can find more info about each artist (and see some of their work you’ll be seeing) on the group’s website. Additional info after the jump.

tom-keough-autumn-nightBy Tom Keough

Continue reading

Green-Wood Turns 175 today!

Green-Wood Cemetery was chartered by the State of New York on this date in 1838. The Greenwood Heights community should be thankful to be living so close to this National Historic Landmark and fantastic place to stroll, learn and relax (heck, all of Brooklyn should!). You can find out more info on their 175th on their website.

Green-Wood's Gothic Arch

Speed hump requests meeting at CB7 on March 12

Seems speed hump (bump) requests have become VERY popular in Greenwood Heights and Windsor Terrace. CB7’s transportation committee is holding a meeting on March 12 at 6:30pm at Community Board 7 (43rd St. and 4th Ave) to discuss SEVEN requests for traffic calming speed humps. Here’s the communities chance to come out and let folks know whether you are for or against the requests that DOT will be presenting to CB7. Some of them are requests from residents on certain blocks, several are via a recent traffic study of 6th Ave (btwn 20th and 24th Sts.).

Some of this info already appeared on the CCGH newsgroup a few weeks ago.

Here’s the official announcement from CB7 with the locations… Continue reading

Get your CB7 SRO & Illegal Conversion Community Forum flyer

The event, which will be on Monday, March 4 at Brooklyn Community Board 7, was announced last night at the Board’s monthly meeting. They also have flyers for the SRO/Illegal Conversion Community Forum available at the Board office. Or you can download a PDF version. It is important for folks to resend this info to your neighbors and even better if you can put flyers up in your area (either pick them up or print them out).


It’s important for folks to attend the meeting , listen to the City agencies, have Q&A and report any issues you are aware of. We hope to see a good turn out on March 4.

Traffic calming issues on 6th Ave btwn 20th/24th Sts

From the CCGH newsgroup. If you want to add your voice to the discussion, post here on the blog or e-mail us.

CB7 finally heard back from DOT on the traffic/speed review of 6th Ave. from 20th St. to 24th St. (a year late!). If you remember correctly, there was concern about 6th Ave becoming a raceway since there are no lights or traffic calming measures after 20th St. In addition, folks were concerned about the visibility at the corner of 23rd St and 6th Ave due to the rental building (it has become a even worse issue with accidents).

In their wisdom (or lack there of, depending on your POV), here’s what they came back with after CB7’s request and CM Gonzalez’s request: Continue reading

Nemo lands in Greenwood Hts.

OK, we’re not to the 10-12 inch mark yet, but blustery Nemo is certainly here. Have fun in the snow and be safe! And send us your pix to post.

Nemo Arrives

May the Sanitation God’s be good to us and plow the streets…unlike Snowmageddon!

What would you like to see improved in Greenwood Heights in 2013?

A happy and healthy New Year to all our community group members, neighbors and community. Here’s to a great 2013!


(and a wee bit of humor from a local tattoo parlor)

So, while on the topic of a better 2013, what are some of the things the community is looking for in Greenwood Heights? More amenities? More restaurants and bars? Better fresh produce options? Cleaner streets? What are we lobbying for this year for the community?

To help out, we have set up a survey on our Facebook page for the community to weigh in. Take a moment to cast your vote, add to the list or leave a comment. And while you are there, become a fan of the CCGH page.

For those not on Facebook, feel free to post your thoughts on the blog or e-mail us at info@ccgreentwoodhts.com

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So long Sandy!

Seems most of the neighborhood went unscathed.

Flickering lights and a lot of debris, a few downed street trees, but other than a report the old White Eagle Tavern on 23rd St. and 5th Ave suffered damage (as much due to neglect that Sandy), seems Greenwood Heights is AOK. Can’t say the same of the perimeter of the cemetery, nor any of the Zone A sections of the City. We were lucky. If folks have photos to share, please post them here, on the Greenwood Heights flickr group or e-mail us. We’d love to hear some stories from the folks in the neighborhood and how you weathered the storms.

And stay safe with the clean up!

UPDATE: For those folks who thought there may have been a fire/arcing at the Greenwood Sub-Station at 23rd St and 5th Ave, it was most likely the. Con Ed gas turbine barges (about 8 turbines to a barge) on 27th Street below 3rd Avenue to the water.