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UPDATED: Green-Wood loses many trees!

UPDATE: This was just posted on Green-Wood’s historian Jeff Richman’s blog about about the damage at Green-Wood and what you can do to help them with clean up, replanting and restoration.

Well, it wasn’t pretty.

With 8,000 trees, Green-Wood was quite an attractive target for Hurricane Sandy. And Sandy, with her big winds, was not kind. In all, 150 of Green-Wood’s trees were destroyed. And, just days after the storm, we estimate that well in excess of 100 monuments were damaged–that toll may go higher as trees are removed and more damage is uncovered.

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So long Sandy!

Seems most of the neighborhood went unscathed.

Flickering lights and a lot of debris, a few downed street trees, but other than a report the old White Eagle Tavern on 23rd St. and 5th Ave suffered damage (as much due to neglect that Sandy), seems Greenwood Heights is AOK. Can’t say the same of the perimeter of the cemetery, nor any of the Zone A sections of the City. We were lucky. If folks have photos to share, please post them here, on the Greenwood Heights flickr group or e-mail us. We’d love to hear some stories from the folks in the neighborhood and how you weathered the storms.

And stay safe with the clean up!

UPDATE: For those folks who thought there may have been a fire/arcing at the Greenwood Sub-Station at 23rd St and 5th Ave, it was most likely the. Con Ed gas turbine barges (about 8 turbines to a barge) on 27th Street below 3rd Avenue to the water.