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Community groups don’t die, they just fade away…

We started the CCGH newsgroup back in 2006 when the neighborhood was going through huge changes due to over development, illegal construction and eminent gentrification.

As a community group and community, we did so great work towards the eventual contextual rezoning, fights at the BSA, protecting the view from Green-Wood’s Battle Hill and neighborhood improvement and growth.

Fast forward 11 years and we’re still here and the community continues to evolve, and while CCGH’s mission still applies to protecting the quality of life in our community, the newsgroup and website have been used less and less.

Next month we will be retiring this website at ccgreenwoodhts.com. I am happy to move our newsgroup’s and website’s full list to a Yahoo or Google group if folks would like to continue to use the community group as a umbrella for discussion about the neighborhood. We will keep the groups Facebook group and Titter account active for the foreseeable future.

Please let me know if would collectively move, otherwise I’ll be sending out a few more posts before we fade off into the sunset. Not literally, just on the web!

Thanks for the support over the years!

Happy holidays and New Year to all our neighbors & community!

A quick Xmas Eve note to say a happy and healthy holidays (no matter your faith) and New Year to all the community of Greenwood Heights, South Park Slope, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace…heck all of Bklyn (and the City for that matter) this season (and I hear there was a wee bit of snow tonight working some mojo).

Green-Wood-Winter 2010

We’re off for the next week-ish, so if there’s goings-on in the ‘nabe, please post to this thread, post to the CCGH newsgroup or e-mail us.

When it rains . . .

Long anticipated Greenwood Park gets great reviews (updated)

See updates at the bottom of this post (both pro and con, last updated 10/18/12).

The blogosphere is awash (well, in our area of Bklyn) with the news of the long awaited opening of Greenwood Park (7th Ave and 20th St.). (June 30, 2012)

(via Brooklyn Based)

Yelp: “Fantastic job Greenwood Park folks!  It was worth every second of the wait.”

Brooklyn Based: “Really low-key, spacious, basically the perfect addition to the nabe. Between this, Sea Witch, and Quarter Bar, South Slope is KILLING it for outdoor drinking–rad rad rad place to be for the summer!”

Brownstoner: “Greenwood Park, Greenwood Heights’ first beer garden (as far as we’re aware) opened last…”

(Updated), though some pretty “ouchy” reviews on Yelp

(Updated 07/19/12) and some nice comments via BKLYN News 12.

(Updated 10/18/12) While the beer garden has received some bad press in the Brooklyn Paper a while ago, 6 residents of properties across the street from Greenwood park showed up at CB7 on Wednesday night and told their story during public comment. Many complaints of noise, public intoxication, urination, fights, public sex and more. I guess this is something the owners need to address.

Who else has some reviews? E-mail us at info@ccgreenwoodhts.com or post here.

Our Mission

We are a Brooklyn-based local advocacy group working towards safe contextual new development in our neighborhoods of Greenwood Heights and South Park Slope, while also mandating the preservation of the character of our neighborhoods.

We also advocate for the cultural and economic growth of the community while maintaining our neighborhood’s diverse cultural/ethnic mix. This community group will update members of housing issues, quality of life concerns and local cultural/neighborhood events. Please participate within YOUR community by joining the CCGH news group today.

In addition to the CCGH news group, this website will be a repository for community announcements, commentary and general blogging about our neighborhood. To contribute to this website, post to the CCGH news group, of e-mail us at info@ccgrenwoodhts.com

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