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Woman attacked on 23rd St. 10/25

Been a while since we have posted. Unfortunately this is not a happy post. From the CCGH newsgroup:

An update from the sister of the our neighbor who was attacked this morning on her way to work:

I wanted to make all of you aware that one of our neighbors was attacked Tuesday, 10/25 at 5:20am. This attack took place on 23rd street between 6 & 7th avenue (closer to 6th avenue). Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.

If anyone has a camera installed on their  property that is facing the street, please speak up. The police are hoping that they can apprehend this man. A police report has been filed. Suspect was Caucasian/White Latino, approximately 5’8, medium built & was wearing a black hoodie. He owns a dark colored car, no visual on license plate or type of car.
The suspect was sitting in his car then came out to attack.

They are looking for any home that has video surveillance from this morning so police can try and get a plate number or footage. She’s a long standing resident of this block and we need to help her and her family out if we can!

Please email us or post with any intel.

And please be aware of your surroundings. We have a wonderful block and community, however violence can occur anywhere. This is still NYC. Hopefully this is an (unfortunate) isolated instance.

More when we learn more.

Bad Accident on 21st St and 6th Ave

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Just in from a CCGH member, a really bad accident at 21st Street and 6th Ave across from Tobby’s. Seems one car actually flipped over. He did not think anyone was fatally injured, but FDYN and NYPD were on the case asap. This is a huge problem on 6th Ave between 20th And 23rd Sts, as drivers frequently speed go get to 24th St (not sure why). With poor site lines on the side blocks, this happens a lot, thought not to today’s extent.

We hope the passengers are OK. Checking with CB7 to see if we can get more info. Anyone else witness this bad accident?

More info from South Slope News…2 of the folks in the accident went to the hospital with “serious but not life threatening injuries.

REPOST: Join The 72nd Precinct For National Night Out On August 6

Here’s a repost from South Slope News (via CB7) about an event August 6th worth noting…

Mark your calendars, because the 72nd Precinct will host their 2013 National Night Out Against Crime on August 6 in Sunset Park (44th Street and 6th Avenue entrance), starting at 4pm.

National Night Out 2013 flyer

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Robbery and homicide on 18th St. and 5th Ave.

This popped up last night, 01/09/13 on the CCGH news group after many of us heard or witnessed police helicopter activity in the area. Unfortunately it was as a result of a robbery turned homicide. NY1 , DNAinfo and South Slope News have the story (not sure of other news outlets). UPDATED NEWS from Park Slope Patch.


Here’s the official police report from the 72nd Pct. via Community Board 7. Obviously if you saw something, contact the Pct. immediately at 718.965.6311:

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Green-Wood vandalized: who would do this?

Just got this e-mail via Green-Wood’s historian’s blog, and we are VERY upset to say the least. Who in their right mind (and that may be the point) would inflict such senseless damage to such a historical place…let alone desecrate graves like this.

Ken Taylor, Green-Wood’s long-time vice president for operations, estimates that the damage is “well in excess of $100,000.”

Hopefully the police are working in tandem with Green-Wood’s staff to hopefully find whomever (and I’d have to think it’s several people) did this terrible damage.

If you are able, please make a donation to their Historic Fund that will go directly to the restoration of these beautiful monuments. And obviously if anyone hears anything about this crime, call the 72nd Pct. (718.965.6311)  immediately or Green-Wood (718.768.7300). And certainly post your thoughts here or on their blog. Just disgusting!

More updates when we have them. But do read the blog post!

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