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Greenwood Heights on Curbed.com (origins of GWH’s name)

So, seems after a lot of good research by writer Keith Williams of The Weekly Nabe which showed up on Curbed.com ‘s new blog news post/column (?) under his by-line, we finally have some definitive answers as to the “right and the wrong” of our neighborhood’s (new/old) namesake “Greenwood Heights.” We (Aaron) had the pleasure of talking with Keith and reaffirming some of the knowledge we knew about the REAL name for the (debated) area and it’s origins. Which (turns out, duh!) is well founded.

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You tell’em Patrick Stewart!

OK, to have a bit of a laugh, and jump on the Patrick Stewart bandwagon, we saw this today after a brownstoner post (after a FIPS post) and had to share. The parkslopepatrickstewart.tumblr.com has become quite a hit and is worth a gander. Enjoy the tumblr and the lovely day.