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West Nile Spraying in Greenwood Hts. and other 11215 zip code areas 09/09/15

Thanks to the poster to the CCGH, South Slope and WTA newsgroups for the info we knew would never come from DOH. Spraying will commence on Wednesday night, 9/09 starting at 8:30pm thru 6AM.

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West Nile Disease found in 15 Bklyn Neighborhoods

Including ours! DOH released a report outlining the affected areas and spraying schedule. Currently 11215 and 11232 are not on the list. Bust as in the past, DOH basically gives zero warning before a spray date. So let’s keep our eyes peeled for any spray updates.Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.32.29 PMYou can read a very extensive post on Patch.com. Anyone have intel?

REPOST: West Nile Spraying Tonight!

A repost from South Slope News (and thank goodness they found out since the City seems to not care about letting its residents know as we know from previous year’s spraying) about the spraying for West Nile Virus tonight, Tuesday, 9/16 from 8pm–6am (nice window DOH!).

Anyone else hear about this today? Nothing on Notify NYC e-mails to us.

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More info from their post:

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West Nile Virus detected in Brooklyn mosquitoes via Brooklyn Eagle

Thanks to Shaun for fwding this along from The Brooklyn Eagle’s website. While our feelings on the West Nile Virus, and the pro’s/con’s of spraying, abatement, etc. are mixed (especially after the last scare, and how the City handled it, a few years ago), we thought we should share the info, since the neighborhood is within one of the trouble areas around out part of Brooklyn. For more information about West Nile virus, call 311, or go to www.nyc.gov/health

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