Traffic calming issues on 6th Ave btwn 20th/24th Sts

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CB7 finally heard back from DOT on the traffic/speed review of 6th Ave. from 20th St. to 24th St. (a year late!). If you remember correctly, there was concern about 6th Ave becoming a raceway since there are no lights or traffic calming measures after 20th St. In addition, folks were concerned about the visibility at the corner of 23rd St and 6th Ave due to the rental building (it has become a even worse issue with accidents).

In their wisdom (or lack there of, depending on your POV), here’s what they came back with after CB7’s request and CM Gonzalez’s request:

  1. There is no need for a stop light or three way stop on the corner of 23rd St. and 6th Ave. (!)
  2. There are traffic calming ways to hand the speedway on 6th Ave, speed bumps/humps:
  • 20th to 21st Sts: no speed bump/hump
  • 21st to 22nd Sts: install speed bump/hump
  • 22nd to 23rd Sts: install speed bump/hump
  • 23rd to 24th Sts: no speed bump/hump

So, depending on your POV, the speed bumps/humps should slow down speeding on 6th Ave. Personally I believe it will do nothing to help with the visibility on 23rd St/6th Ave. After speaking with CB7 about that ongoing issue, we talked about “daylighting” on the corner, which removes two parking spaces during the day, which would improve visibility, but they revert back at night, so same problem. We’ll work on that one.

I’m reporting DOT’s findings to get the communities input prior to CB7’s Transportation Committee meeting on the topic (date TBD).

So what do folks think?