What would you like to see improved in Greenwood Heights in 2013?

A happy and healthy New Year to all our community group members, neighbors and community. Here’s to a great 2013!


(and a wee bit of humor from a local tattoo parlor)

So, while on the topic of a better 2013, what are some of the things the community is looking for in Greenwood Heights? More amenities? More restaurants and bars? Better fresh produce options? Cleaner streets? What are we lobbying for this year for the community?

To help out, we have set up a survey on our Facebook page for the community to weigh in. Take a moment to cast your vote, add to the list or leave a comment. And while you are there, become a fan of the CCGH page.

For those not on Facebook, feel free to post your thoughts on the blog or e-mail us at info@ccgreentwoodhts.com

UPDATED 01.04.13

Thanks to everyone who took the survey so far on Facebook (and those who became fans!). 31 votes so far. Looks like the top 5 contenders are:

1. Better fresh produce options
2. Extension of the 5th Ave BID and bike lane on 5th Ave south of 23rd St.
3. Cleaner streets
4. For ALL dog owners to pick up dog waste
5. Neighborhood clean up events

You can see all 11 options, plus vote for your fav (and become a fan of the CCGH page) here.